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2023-01-09 Your Clean And Reliable Energy

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We are offer all models the Biogas System from 20kW to 800kW for sale with installation, commissioning and staff training all over the world.

Biogas power generation is a biogas utilization technology that has emerged along with the development of large biogas digesters and comprehensive utilization of biogas. Biogas power generation with energy-saving, energy saving, safety and environmental protection and other characteristics,
is a widely distributed and inexpensive distributed energy.

Biomass gasitication is the way produce a higher grade of combustible gas by heating solid biomass in a gasifier, while introducing air, oxygen or water vapor. The characteristic of gasification rate up to 75% or more, thermal efficiency can reach 85%.
The gas generated by biomass gasification can be used for drying, heating, power generation and other applications.
The use of biomass energy has a positive effect on the establishment of distributed energy, the disposal of agricultural waste and municipal waste, and the improvement of energy efficiency

European technology | High Standard
According to the potential requirements of major customers in Europe and the United States,
refined management, modular design, product quality more superior.

Low-carbon products | Excellent performance
Lower emissions, higher efficiency, NEW Energy focus on the application of
renewable energy, social services is the purpose of business development.

Biogas generators
The engine is the heart of the generator set. After years of cooperation, we have established long-term and effective relationships with engine companies such as PERKINS, CUMMINS, WEICHAI, DEUTZ, KVT, DOOSAN or its agents, that we can get competitive prices, services, delivery and prompt supply of spare parts.

We are choose STAMFORD, MARATHON, SIEMENS, LEROY-SOMER, meccalte, FALADAY, Evotec and other companies's alternater, and be able to get a competitive price and delivery period.

Control Systems
Choose good quality electronic control system, including Deepsea, ComAp, SmartGen, and all the wisdom of well-known brands, which have protection function, remote control and automatic grid-paralleling and so on.

Electrical & Functional components
We use the Italian MADAS, Germany DUNGS, the United States FSIHER brands such as pressure regulating valve, electromagnetic switches and other components, these components used in gas pipelines and safety measures.

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Your Clean And Reliable Energy

Your Clean And Reliable Energy

Your Clean And Reliable Energy

Your Clean And Reliable Energy

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