NEW Solar Energy Water Pump System
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Solar Energy Water Pump System for sale

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Category: DC Solar Water Pump
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Solar Energy Water Pump System

Power (kw) 3.38 to 14.66
Solar Panel Total Power(w) 750 to 3250
Output Electricity 5.5kwh/m2/day 3.38 to 14.66
Dailly Flow m3/day 5.8 to 10.2
Flow m3/day 1.8
Head m 22 to 192

1. Practical, professional and Affordable solar powered water pumping system;
2. Solar pumping system mainly consists of solar panels, the specialized pump inverter and water pump.

Solar Energy Water Pump System is a solar-powered pumping equipment. In application, after the solar cell array of corresponding power is configured according to the demand of head and daily water consumption, it is called a solar pumping system. Mainly used in agricultural irrigation, desert management, grassland animal husbandry, urban water features, domestic water and other fields.

In recent years, as global solar power products continue to move from urban application markets to larger demand markets such as farmland, pastures, and deserts, solar water pumps have become a traditional industry that integrates the solar industry with agricultural water conservancy, desert management, domestic water, and urban water features Development of core products.

Solar Energy Water Pump System use long-lasting energy from the sun, work at sunrise, and rest at sunset, without manual attendance, without diesel, without grid, without energy storage batteries, directly driving the pump to lift water (also can store water instead of electricity), solar water pumps are used in conjunction with irrigation facilities such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and infiltration irrigation, which can save water and energy and greatly reduce the input cost of using fossil energy and electricity.

Our solar pump directly utilizes Direct Current (DC) power generated by the solar panel without any intermediate conversion into Alternating Current (AC).

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The specification of the Solar Energy Water Pump System

System Power Solar Panel Output Electricity
Model (kw) Total Power(w) 5.5kwh/m2/day
MNE-3PH-1-6 0.37 750 3.38
MNE-3PH-1-9 0.37 750 3.38
MNE-3PH-1-13 0.55 1000 4.51
MNE-3PH-1-17 0.75 1250 5.64
MNE-3PH-1-21 1.1 1750 7.89
MNE-3PH-1-25 1.1 1750 7.89
MNE-3PH-1-28 1.5 1750 7.89
MNE-3PH-1-32 1.5 2500 11.28
MNE-3PH-1-36 1.5 2500 11.28
MNE-3PH-1-39 2.2 3250 14.66
MNE-3PH-1-42 2.2 3250 14.66
MNE-3PH-1-46 2.2 3250 14.66
MNE-3PH-1-50 2.2 3250 14.66

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
Solar Energy Water Pump System  for sale Solar Energy Water Pump System  for sale Solar Energy Water Pump System for sale

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