Foden 8x6 MWAD Dust Suppression Unit

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2012-08-15 Foden 8x6 MWAD Dust Suppression Unit

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Information on this page is no longer relevant

We have recently completed the new MWAD Dust Suppression Unit which incorporates:
Hydraulic Remote Monitor (50-60m Throw)
Spray Bar ( 10-15m Spread
Instantaneous Hose Coupling
Independent Pump and Engine (with remote cutoffs)
Rear Platform or Cab Operated Controls

This unit is one of several units which we produce and which can be tailored specifically to a customer needs.

As of mid-March 2022 we no longer offer for sale or have anything to do with ex-military vehicles from the UK.

We offer you new China's military and civilian variants from the manufacturer's factory, at special prices with full service and warranty anywhere in the world.

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