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Our are global distributor and supplier of New military and police vehicles, armored military trucks, ambulances and Emergency vehicles
Our team can also provide OEM customization your orders on factories when will be necessary.

NEw Armored military SUVs

NEw Armored military SUV

Armoured military SUV from China army ensures the security of its crew while being able to recover to safety in the event of a hostile attack with its standard armoring specifications.
Four wheel drive Bulletproof all-terrain vehicle is based on customer needs.
Wheels can also be equipped with bullet-proof off-road tires.

NEW Military and Offroad trucks

Military vehicle

Military anti-riot vehicle has excellent urban counter-terrorism capabilities, such as defense and strike, communication and command, personnel transport, obstacle removal and other specific operations.

NEW Police Anti-riot water cannon vehicles

Police Anti-riot water cannon vehicles

Anti-riot water cannon vehicle is a new generation of anti-riot special vehicle sof our company.
It has perfect functions of anti-riot and self-protection which make it to be the first choice for dispersing rioters without causing permanent bodily harm. The anti-riot water cannon vehicles has been equipped in the department of armed police all over China and been exported to overseas area.

CXXM company


Military - Police - Tactical
1. CXXM© State owned Corp since 1987, 32 years experience in this line
2. We are the only company in China authorized to export and import military and police products.
3. As a membership of Xinxing Military System, we own over than 100 military factories which specialized in military uniform, shoes, bulletproof vest, helmet, anti-riot products, armoured vehicles and so on.

Our Customers are contractors, individuals and municipalities just like you.
We are grateful to our many satisfied customers, from whom most of our business comes word-of-mouth.
We invite you to join the NEW MACHINERY® family of over 1000 satisfied customers and counting.


SPARE We provide a 12-month warranty and full stock of spare parts.
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