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2023-12-11 9x Cummins Natural Gas Generator Set

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We have finalised an order with 9 x CUMMINS Natural Gas Generator Set for an African customer. This order is ready for shipping.
Additional options have been installed:
* Container Canopy
* CHP system - Exhaust heat recovery+Jacket water heat recovery
* Automatic Paralleling and Grid connect Control System

Generators Supply Scope:
1) High Performance Cummins Gas Engine.
2) Brushless Alternator With AVR .
3) Digital Control Cabinet .
4) Steel Base Frame With Shock Absorber.
5) High performance Gas Pressure Regulator Made In Italy.
6) Advanced Ignition System.
7) IMPCO Air-Fuel Mixer Made In USA.
8) Stable Electronic Speed Governor.
9) High Performance Flame Arrester.
10) Safely Explosion-proof System.
11) MCCB, Radiator Fan, Muffler, Air Filter.
12) 2*12V Non-Maintenance Start Batteries.
13) Installation Accessories, Tool Kit & Manual Books.

1) Low operating and maintenance costs
2) Longer machine life: Special design engine has longer life with overhaul time 20000hours.
3) Easy operation: The Gas Power Generator is easy to operate.
4) The Gas Power Generator use most advanced lean burn technical for high efficiency
5) Main parts like ECU, Gas Mixer, Pressure Regulator, etc are origin made in USA& Italy.

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9x Cummins Natural Gas Generator Set

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